Welcome to My Kid Plays Tennis.

This website was built by me (a tennis parent) to share with other tennis parents everything I’ve learned since picking up this sport with my kids.

My son plays junior tennis (currently U12). He switched from hockey 2 years ago, which he had been playing since 5. The dangers of concussion and body checking prompted us to switch sports to tennis, which seemed like a good fit for his body size, type, and personality.

As someone who only played beginner level tennis when I myself was 8-10 years old, it was hard and intimidating for me to learn the in’s and out’s of tennis to help my son.

Access to facilities is difficult, especially during the winter. Moreover, coaches didn’t seem to be interested in helping kids advance. Comparing our experience with hockey, trying to develop higher tennis skills was not going to be easy.

I persisted. I read as many books and watched as many videos as I could, and talked with as many coaches and other tennis parents during our journey.

We aren’t a family with “unlimited resources” to help our children develop high-level tennis skills. Nonetheless, our goal is to try and help them develop in a realistic, practical, and cost-effective way. Like any parent, I want to provide the best opportunity to my child as I am able to.

Competitive tennis need not be exclusionary to those who can afford the best coaches and access to facilities. My hope is that by sharing what I know, I can help other parents feeling similar to how I feel. 

Best of wishes and good luck to you all.

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